#98 - The Lovable Hillary Clinton...

1st Segment: North Korea nuclear test? Bill Clinton made a nuclear deal with North Korea. Iran Deal will, in all likelihood, end the same way. Thank you, Jihadi Joe Donnelly. Did your Senator support Iran Deal? What's the difference between Democrats & Socialists? The wholesome (ahem) answer of Hillary Clinton. 

2nd Segment: 100th episode releases on Friday. Thank you. Socialists love the Democrat Party. The Clinton's are ultra-ideological. The true answer to the question about the difference between Democrats & Socialists: there is no distinguishable difference. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley makes the show - which is more coverage than he's gotten in 2016. Socialism is the antithesis of America. Congress is about "coming together?" How do you compromise on some issues? Congress should make decisions based upon the Constitution & the best interests of their Constituents. Hillary the Schmoozer. Biggest enemy for Democrats are Conservatives. 

3rd Segment: Chris Matthews fawns over Hillary Clinton. Our very official Twitter poll. Chris Matthews' definition of objectivity. Obama's gun control attempts to save us from ourselves. If we fear a convicted felon is going to do harm with a gun, why on earth are they out of prison to begin with? Pursuing only 13 of 86,000 violators of current background process. Fingerprint technology. Gun safety. Government always adds to the cost when they get involved - and that's intentional. Sincere tears? My crazy neighbor, the elementary school principal, a gun & Arsenio Hall.