#99 - The Left Is Naive & Dangerous

1st Segment: 100th episode tomorrow. Thanks for helping us reach that milestone. We are going to be relaunching The Daily Dose audio shorts again soon. Final results of our Twitter poll: 4-to-1 in favor of Chris Matthews getting a tingle up his leg. NKOTB & NSYNC. North Korea's H-Bomb of Justice. #StopTheHBombOfJustice to come soon. Bill Clinton's nuclear deal with North Korea. The Left will be surprised by Iran getting the nuke too. 

2nd Segment: Setting us up for failure in Iran. Iran Agreement is worse than North Korean agreement. Ignoring clear & present danger of Iran. "Death to America" chants. Planned Parenthood. Replacing Obama with a Constitutional Conservative. The Left is suddenly interested in the Constitution. Negative & Positive Rights. Natural born citizen. Trying to delegitimize Cruz or invalidate his potential presidency. Where was this scrutiny in 2008 with Barack Obama. Is attacking Cruz's citizenship racist, as it was with Obama? Other examples of natural born citizens eligible to run for President. A good review of Ted Cruz & Natural Born Citizenship. Supreme Court. 

3rd Segment: ISIS terror weapons lab. The world is on fire. Middle Eastern men of military age caught illegally crossing Mexican border into US. Sound familiar, Europe? We are naively assuming ISIS doesn't have certain capabilities. The power of religious motivation for ISIS. Can we survive one more year of a President who will do little to nothing to stop ISIS?