#100 - Obama & Guns...Again

1st Segment: Somebody make it stop. Man shoots himself because he listened to Obama's gun control lecture on CNN. NRA called out for not being in Obama's class. CNN did a respectable job in the first 30 minutes (which is all I could stand to watch). Response to Taya Kyle (see Obama scowl at her). According to Obama, there are van loads of guns headed to Chicago, via my State of Indiana. Criminals using guns from gun shows? See the data. We're worried about criminals getting guns? Why are criminals on the streets in the first place? 

2nd Segment: Today is our 100th episode. THANK YOU! A little podcast background. "Coming out of the closet" celebration. My other businesses: Huff Promotional Strategies & Encapsulate. Constitutional Conservatism. Liberty. Virtue & morality. Contrast with Sharia Law & Islamic Theocracies. When laws are not based upon morality but rather arbitrary rules, and when those rules are multiplied in volumes, we have big problems because we all can very easily turn into criminals. My freedom to swing my arm ends where your nose begins. 

3rd Segment: Thank you to my role models: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity & even Dave Ramsey. Satire, hyperbole & dramatic effect to help us communicate our sincere beliefs. Barack Obama's lecture. Community support for instilling discipline and morality in kids. We have conditioned ourselves to never intervene - even when what we're witnessing is blatantly immoral or unethical. It's not complicated, but we don't like being corrected - and that is the primary problem. What was once a healthy shame for bad behavior has been replaced by a propensity to brag about the very same activity on social media. Tyranny. 

I'd like to specially thank all of our listeners who have supported us over the course of our first 100 episodes. You mean more to me than you may fully know. Thank you - and God bless you!