October 27, 2016

The political commentary class is in a race to be the first to predict the election. But this is unpredictable. CNN is (predictably) schizophrenic: Hillary is doing well in early voting in NV & FL - but they move both states toward Trump. Professor says Trump will win. Polls say Hillary is winning. Why the need to be seen as the expert in picking the winner of the election? I'd rather spend my time trying to persuade others to conservatism than to be telling them the current score on the scoreboard. Projections have been wrong before: President Truman, President Reagan & Brexit. Question from a listener. What has to happen after November 8 - based on who is president? Bottom line is this: the election doesn't mark the end of this political fight, but the beginning. Be strong & courageous. Pastor ordered to hand over sermons to State of Georgia.