November 14, 2016

Left is in meltdown mode. Chelsea Handler cries. Mom kicks young son out of home for 'voting' Trump in a mock elementary school election. Others write the eulogy for the 2016 campaign & try to pick up the pieces. Donald Trump interviewed by Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes. Slate tells Dems not to run candidate whose turn it is. Article in The Stranger. Reince Priebus as Chief-of-Staff. Some are bothered the Trump selected an 'insider,' but Reince also did a great job supporting Trump down the final stretch of the campaign. Of course Democrats made an error in their math. What is the new Republican healthcare plan going to look like should they repeal & replace Obamacare? Those upset by Hillary loss should realize she isn't the savior: Jesus is. And we, with God's help, are the ones who hold the answers to our own problems on earth - not the government.