Election Day

It's Election Day - time to Make America Great Again. I checked this morning & CNN has not yet called the race for Hillary. Eagerly waiting. The propaganda on CNN - which is nowhere near being a true media outlet. Blaming low turnout of NC black vote on voter suppression? Yep. The Petite Patriot returns with her thoughts on Election Day - and what happens next. My local newspaper wrote a story about me this weekend. And, no, it wasn't a hit piece! PSA from J-Dot in the voice of Marty Huggins. Exposing the mess we have. This movement is not over - win or lose. Join me tonight on Freedom 95 from 8-11pm EDT as I provide Election updates. Facebook Live post.


Voter intimidation talk in Maine. Obama not condemning illegal aliens voting. Conservative values apply to all races & ethnic groups - so let's go persuade. Now let's go MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!