December 13, 2016

Liberal heads are exploding everywhere this morning. Russian 'hack' story met with appointment of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State - apparently Putin's 2nd best friend, after Trump. Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy, a department he once said he'd abolish. What's wrong with someone with a vast amount of international business success as Sec of State? Draining the Swamp requires a different way of doing business with new leadership. Wisconsin & Pennsylvania certified. DNC leak source not a Russian? Harry Reid accuses Trump Campaign of colluding with Wikileaks. Another lazy, predictable & boring story from CNN that sees threats in Trump, but refuses to accept damage Obama Administration has caused. Electors to be briefed by intel community? Director of Natl Intel James Clapper testified no strong evidence exists connecting Russians to Wikileaks. How do the Los Angeles Rams know it's time to move on & Democrats don't?