December 6, 2016

J-Dot returns today for his latest 3-in-3 instant classic. A brief history of 3-in-3. Hillary picks up 5 votes in PA. On pace to be declared winner in 2183. Don't put this past Democrats. Hanging Chads 2.0 in Florida recount? J-Dot's latest 3-in-3. Interested in hearing more? Check out our 3-in-3 archive or J-Dot's lyric sheet. Trump building team - and it's enough to make Libs' heads explode. Trump & Twitter. Joe Biden 2020? I can't have this interfering with Kanye West 2020. GWU students apparently want more than just protection for students who are illegal aliens. University of Louisville basketball coach's rant about winning & entitlement. Tony Blair frets about anti-establishment movement.