#116 - The Nomination Process & a Brokered Convention

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1st Segment: Iowa Caucus tonight. Hillary's 22 emails - too sensitive to even tell us about the contents. New Hampshire in 8 days. South Carolina on Feb 20. Nevada on Feb 23. Super Tuesday on March 1. Review of nomination process. The process illustrates 50 autonomous states. Getting 1,237 delegates. Iowa has 30 delegates. Delegates actually cast votes for nominee at national convention. How delegates are assigned by RNC. How states can assign delegates. The Caucus process, followed by the vote. Latest Iowa polls. Trump 28%; Cruz 23%. The impact of turnout. Binding delegates. The speed of nomination picks up from here. Can anyone get enough delegates to win without a brokered convention? Super Tuesday. Delegates are no longer bound after the 1st vote if no one reaches delegate threshold, and we would enter a brokered convention.

2nd Segment: The nomination process can be confusing - especially when each state has it's own rules. This is not a bad thing incidentally. No one will get all 30 delegates tonight. Brokered convention negotiations - if we get to that point. What happens if Trump isn't selected at a brokered convention: does he run 3rd Party? Does Soda Pop Bloomberg run 3rd Party as well. Ted Cruz under fire for Iowa mailer. If a Democrat did this, it would just be called "Get Out the Vote." Vote or Die. Cruz refuses to apologize; vows to use all tools at his disposal to win nomination. 

3rd Segment: A listener accused me of being "behind Trump." My job as I see it is to talk about Conservatism & defend candidates when the Left attacks them without cause relentlessly. They've successfully painted Ted Cruz as an "nasty" or "unlikeable" guy - when he's far from that. Trump has done good things for the process. But there are also legitimate concerns about Donald Trump. He's changed positions on single payer healthcare & abortion, to name a few. I'm not supporting Trump on here, but I'm also not going to make it a mission to bash & attack him. If our candidates go down, it should be because we collectively think they're ideas are bad - not because the media systematically destroys them. 

Final Segment: Iowa Caucus starts at 7pm CDT. Should know results late tonight or after midnight. Technical problems with iTunes. Trying to remedy this; have open ticket with iTunes. Visit our site if there are problems loading with iTunes. Comments are welcome by email (Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com) or Twitter (@CommonSenseGear).