#124 - Socialism In All It's (Ahem) Glory

1st Segment: Feeling a little ill today. Voice isn't working well. *No Daily Dose today. Abbreviated program today. Launching on Red State Talk Radio on February 22. Fallout after New Hampshire: Chris Christie & Carly Fiorina drop out of race. If the GOP doesn't want Donald Trump to be nominee, they had better decide on someone else really soon. Split votes. Ben Carson is in serious trouble. "Anyone but Trump" crowd needs to find their "anyone" - fast. Current delegate count. What happens from here? Trump is definitely gaining control & momentum of this nomination. Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton. World & US economies are a mess. Obama allegedly "saved us from the 2nd Great Depression." Why doesn't he save America from the real current issues it faces today. 

2nd Segment: Getting ready for Red State Talk Radio launch on February 22. Making website updates. Visit ToddHuffRadio.com or ToddHuffTalk.com . Capitalism threatened if another looming financial crisis comes to fruition. Socialist politicians will exploit any financial problems to further their bankrupt ideology. Gold prices soar. Economy is weak & under major stress because of Big Government in large part. Socialist talking points. Bad corporations & bad governments - but government damage is far greater throughout history. Multiple examples of big government atrocities, corruption & abuse. The problem with Socialism. Socialist & Communist comparison. Free choice keeps certain unwanted behavior in check. Abusers of government authority. The pot is simmering. Conditions are favorable to promote Socialism among many of our citizens. Bernie wants a revolution; but against what? 

3rd Segment: Spring coming. March Madness. NBA. Pacers...ugh. Indianapolis 500: 100th Running. The end of Capitalism? Conditions are definitely right for this. Young people educated to hate America. 3/5 Compromise. America isn't perfect, but it has often been that shining city on a hill. Socialism controls mankind and dampens his dreams & aspirations. I believe in the individual because God believes in the individual. Jesus comes to bring all of us rest & peace. But He won't force you to believe or worship Him. Love is a choice, and it's central to humanity. My pastor says "the holiest thing you can do is choose." Choose for yourselves this day. Andrew Smith tragedy. Heaven is the only place where everything will be made right. All we can hope for on earth is to protect our own ability to impact our own lives. This is what it means to be free. And it's not found in Socialism. Socialism is laundry list of lofty promises, but it fights against human choice & freedom. And it dampens the human spirit. Go ahead & open the gulags for me, Socialists: I'm not complying.