#125 - The Democrats Are Dangerous

1st Segment: Great news for the Bernie Sanders supporters. Valentine's Day is Sunday. Another abbreviated program today. Launch on Red State Talk Radio on February 22. Website changes underway & more to come. Video spotlight. Home page changes. The More You Know glossary of terms. Parody songs coming soon too. Jihadi Joe + a new song. Democrat debate last night. I boycotted it. Predictable giveaway party for the 2 Democrat Socialist candidates. Huma Abedin's "War on Women?"

2nd Segment: Huma pushed a woman after the debate, not during! Wouldn't that have been something: Huma fights off FBI agents trying to arrest Mrs. Clinton on debate stage? ISIS, the JV team, is manufacturing & using chemical weapons. Quite an evolution in less than 2 years. ISIS's use of technology. We haven't unleashed the full force of the US Military on ISIS yet. No pause button for us to press as we decide what course of action to take. They are at full-fledged war with us, and we're still debating if (or how hard) we should fight back. Proportional response? America hasn't created this problem; radical Islam has created it. We're giving ISIS as many timeouts as they want. You cannot compromise with those who seek your absolute destruction. Those who think you can are completely dangerous. It's not about religion?

3rd Segment: Valentine's Day is Sunday: last warning guys! Next week is the last week before we move to our 55 minute format. iTunes issue appears to be working as it should now. It was having problems for a week or 2. Other ways to listen, should your player of choice have issues in the future. My apologies for not having a voice today. I hope to be back full-force on Monday. Have a great weekend.