#128 - We Must Defeat the Left


1st Segment: Social media. Twitter censoring? Recently connected to Tea Party Community network - like a Facebook for Conservatives. Free speech. Christianity & God are radical in the eyes of the world. Twitter is very popular, but is currently unable to make money. I'm a Christian & Conservative. Those that are not are free to criticize, but not silence. Free speech should be defended, but it shouldn't be confused with acts of violence. Conservatism & Christianity are built upon ideas & truth. Many other viewpoints are not, and as such, don't like an environment where ideas can compete without forcing the other side to shut-up. Jesus is the Way. The Truth. The Life. Who's afraid of free speech? Those who have bad ideas & ideology. Scotland man arrested for Facebook posts. Communications Act in UK. Syrian Refugees. Like Obama's view of Conservative Christians? Are we following Europe's example yet again? The ultimate goal of Socialism is Communism - and it isn't a benign, harmless fuzz-ball. 

2nd Segment: Red State Talk Radio launch on February 22. Listen to Liberal shows & viewpoints - and compare ideas. New sponsors & partners. Antonin Scalia tragedy. The Left is not going to let this Supreme Court opportunity (and that's how they view this) go to waste. The Constitution. Are your posts safe? Why the Senate should not consider Obama appointee. Is GOP caving? The "moderate" Loretta Lynch? Consent form for college students. Senate consent form? Arguing with Left. The Senate's chance to stand up. 

3rd Segment: Carry permit wait time in Indiana is about 3 months. Heritage Action: Urge Senate to Stand Firm. Obama & the Left seeks a middle ground compromise? We must stand firm on Supreme Court.