#129 - It's All Unraveling


1st Segment: Hillary gains new endorsement. Crazy campaign. Four old white guys & a Clinton. FBI investigation. Emails. National security documents. Trump threatens to sue Cruz. Hillary questions if America is ready for female President.  We launch on Red State Talk Radio on Monday, February 22. Idaho Stampede jerseys. Obama's face is everywhere. Once upon a time, sports was an escape from politics. I propose a trade. Hillary: not the way it's supposed to go. Obama the wrecking ball. Revisiting 2008. Hillary was destroyed by Obama campaign machine. 2016: no real competition for Hillary, but she still can't win. Four old white guys & a Clinton. List of problems for Hillary. Post-Concussion Syndrome?  

2nd Segment: So many problems for Hillary. Absolutely horrible campaign. Chelsea campaigning for her mom. "Uge" crowds... How's Charlotte? Republican Town Hall. Objectively, the GOP candidates are dramatically more serious candidates than the Democrats. Primary & caucus schedule. MoveOn.org petition regarding Super Delegates. Socialists have overtaken Democrat Party. Can Hillary win? Huge mess in Democrat Party. GOP has a brawl. Third-party run is still an option for Trump. 

3rd Segment: Trump sends Cruz cease-and-desist letter. Cruz says "sue me." The history of Trump's positions. Abortion. Healthcare. Trump asks RNC to tell Cruz to stop lying. This fight is good. Throwing out the arbitrary rulebook. The Liberal/Socialist policies & executive actions needs to be undone - not just stopped. Supreme Court fight. Loretta Lynch? The Senate should absolutely block any Obama nominee for the Court. Thank you listeners.