#130 - Is the Race Tightening?

1st Segment: New poll shows GOP race tightening in South Carolina. Is it accurate or an outlier? My date this weekend. Hillary leads big in South Carolina; neck-and-neck with the Nutty Professor in Nevada. Winning & losing. Run to win. The reason you play the game/run the race. Remember last poll before Iowa Caucus? How many remain after South Carolina? Pattern for Hillary. How many more coin tosses can Hillary win? Hillary booed. Hillary's awful campaign. 

2nd Segment: Many polls show Cruz trailing Trump by about 15 points. The 2016 Election is different in many ways from other recent election cycles. Super Tuesday. Record turnout? Critical moment in American history. Each side is fighting for a monumental victory in 2016. Blown opportunities for the GOP. Get plugged in with other Conservatives. American Revolution did not have universal support. Another revolution? My visit to a Virginia State Park: First Landing State Park.   

3rd Segment: Rhetoric coming out of Democrat Party sounds a lot like Karl Marx. Socialism is the precursor to Communism. Soviet Communism & opposition to Christianity & religion. Building walls. Communism uses them to keep people out. Ted Cruz photoshopped ad of Marco Rubio & Barack Obama. Is Cruz really a liar? The lying takes place on the Democrat side.