#131 - The Political War in America

1st Segment: Red State Talk Radio launch today. The Daily Dose. Bernie Sanders blames Hillary for echoing his message, but Bernie is echoing Socialists & Communists throughout history. Daddy Daughter Dance picture. Trump wins in South Carolina "big" & gets all 50 delegates. Hillary wins in Nevada by 5. Current GOP delegate count & Democrat delegate count. Bush drops out. Three man race in GOP? Is Trump unstoppable? National Review article at odds with those who claim Trump will cruise to nomination. The "anyone but Trump" crowd in GOP better find that "anyone" - fast. 

2nd Segment: Democrats & Superdelegates. Democrats don't trust their own voters - just like they don't trust us to run our own lives. Coin tosses. "She's a liar!" chants. Bernie blows out Hillary in New Hampshire. Dead tie without Superdelegates. Score with Superdelegates has Hillary leading 502-70

3rd Segment: Democrat Party is a mess & has been taken over by hardcore Socialists. Socialists are just Communists with patience. Communism's war with God. Founders wanted Religion in America. The lure of superficial Socialism to the masses. Chris Matthews is wrong: Democrats have become Socialists. FBI investigation. Lies. Bathroom servers. Top Secret documents on bathroom servers. 

4th Segment: Democrat problems continued. Fight for heart & mind GOP between Establishment, Conservatives & a non-ideological group of outsiders. Obama is the Anti-Constitutional President. Trump's ideology. 

Final Segment: Great to be on Red State Talk Radio. New listeners can visit our website to learn more about our show. We educate, entertain & energize Conservatives. A little about our show. Gagalib & 3-in-3. Connect with us or reach out via email (Todd@ToddHuffRadio.com).