#132 - Socialist or Democrat: What Difference Does It Make?

1st Segment: GOP Nevada Caucus today. Ted Cruz is being branded as a liar. Fires Communications Director. Cruz has trouble connecting with some folks. Super Tuesday next week. Polls have Trump winning Nevada. Britney Spears not endorsing Hillary. My introduction to Britney Spears. Democrat destruction. Jenner takes flak for being Republican. Who hates?

2nd Segment: Hillary moves into the South. Maybe we'll hear the patronizing accent. Manmade Climate Change blamed for "fastest rise of seas" in 2,800 years. Why not 29 centuries? Only one explanation (man is to blame) and one solution (government can solve it) for the Left. 

3rd Segment: I thought Obama was going to lower the sea levels? Picture at Daddy Daughter Dance. Obama weakening American military. American weakness is provocative. American greatness is not genetic; it's systematic. Jihadi Joe parody song & a little background. 

4th Segment: The Left cannot articulate the difference between Democrats & Socialists - presumably because there is no distinguishable difference. Difference only in degree. Covert Liberals & Overt Socialists desire the same thing: Big Government & control. Government's nature is to grow. 

5th Segment: Socialism appeals to certain people - and it's the natural result of things we've done in modern America. God is God; Government is not.