#133 - This Election Has Incredible Consequences

1st Segment: Nevada Caucus. Super Tuesday next week. Great news for Donald Trump. Ben Carson campaign is in free fall & low on cash. Winning, winning, winning. Trump leads in many Super Tuesday states. Looking forward to Super Tuesday & reviewing it's history. Critical issues in 2016 Election will be decided. Importance of Border Security. Supreme Court vacancy. 

2nd Segment: Filling Supreme Court vacancy: wait for new President to appoint. Heritage Action for America position. McConnell vows to oppose nominee. But is the GOP wavering on Supreme Court nomination? Democrats try to buy votes, acting as Santa Claus. Wide spectrum of political viewpoints offered in 2016. New candidate needs to fill Court vacancy. 

3rd Segment: Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) thinks Obama Supreme Court nominee deserves hearing. Who really thinks Obama is going to nominate reasonable Justice? Constitution means what it means; it's not a living, breathing document. Words have meaning. Obama wants a hard core Leftist, judicial activist on the Court. Obama is radical & anti-Constitutional. McConnell: not a chance in Hell. Consent. 

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