#134 - It's Not Email, It's National Security

1st Segment: GOP debate tonight. Pacers game last night. Weather people cry wolf again. St. Elmo's. Spring Fever. Loretta Lynch & Hillary Clinton possible indictment. National Security scandal - not about emails. Superficial Left has no roots or depth. Everything is political to the Left. Democrat War Room. No love lost between Clintons & Obamas. Ferguson shooting & grand jury. Hands Up, Don't Shoot. 

2nd Segment: Send us your questions, articles or recommendations: Todd@ToddHuffRadio.com or @ToddHuffRadio. Hillary's National Security Scandal. Apple v US Government regarding iPhone security. Edward Snowden. 

3rd Segment: Hillary's scandal is not about emails; it's about National Security. Looking for reasons to vote for Hillary? My voice. Democrat South Carolina Primary is Saturday. So it's ok for Democrats to campaign in churches? Vote for the woman because she's a woman. Why is it not time for first Hispanic? First real estate mogul? First neurosurgeon? First Canadian-born? Make America Great Again = Racism? Hillary's slogan? I'm With Her

4th Segment: Hillary Fatigue Syndrome. Jihadi Joe Iranian Update. Iranians politicians distance themselves from US like our politicians distance themselves from lobbyists. Obama has done everything possible to make them our friends. Who could've seen this coming? Iranian arrest...or take hostage. 

5th Segment: Obama trying to push through a Supreme Court nominee. We need to stand firm against any nominee or hearing. American people should be able to pick the President responsible for filling vacancy since it's an election year. Warning: I'm testing multiple social media platforms now. Uh-oh!