#135 - Trust the Free Market

1st Segment: Social media outlets for a face-to-face guy. I knew nothing about producing audio before I started this talk show. Motivation for the show. Christianity & Conservatism. Red State Talk Radio. New friend Cowboy Don. GOP Debate. Bernie Sanders Climate Change Plan. Left ties Climate Change to everything, but can't seem to tie Islamic Extremism to Terrorism. GOP has much more diversity (of all types) than Democrats. The Left buys votes. Better management or fundamental change? The Left thinks we are 'fish out of water' without them. Will Carson & Kasich survive Super Tuesday? Down to 3 candidates? Or 1? Texas. 

2nd Segment: GOP offers Constitutional Conservatives, Government Managers, Political Outsiders. Ten feet higher now! Rubio started nervous but loosened up. Candidates fight. Repeating talking points. Trump's boldness. The loyalty of Trump supporters. Cruz presses Trump on a few issues. Trump won debate? I don't think so - although he didn't do poorly. 

3rd Segment: Trump's specific positions on Obamacare replacement. "Erase the lines around the States." Mock Congress in college. What's the Conservative position? Starting premise is that the Government should take action on everything. Government has it backward. Socialism. Who's responsible for you? Government plans aren't the magic bullet; unleashing the private market is the solution. Common Sense regulations? 

4th Segment: I'm feeling this topic today. The invisible hand. Adam Smith. Entrepreneurs will find a way to meet demand of the market. Removing "lines around states" is good, but there are other barriers that need to be removed/addressed. Heritage Foundation's suggestions for replacing Obamacare. Trump is right in suggesting that Obamacare won't be fixed by a plan, but these other boundaries need to be removed.

Final Segment: What happens now? Does Trump win of does someone tighten the race? Marco Rubio's team talks about a brokered convention. See our Show Notes & audio regarding a brokered convention here.