#136 - A Big Week

1st Segment: Todd Huff - not Huss! A sad day for us and Red State Talk Radio with the loss of Premo Mondone. The Conservative movement has an army of strong, influential leaders - and Premo was certainly one of those. Continuing the fight. Super Tuesday is tomorrow. Hillary & Trump gaining momentum. Endorsements. Jeff Sessions & Chris Christie for Donald Trump. Trump v Hillary? 1/4 of GOP delegates are at stake on Super Tuesday. Max Lucado piece against Trump. Lucado, Trump & Christianity

2nd Segment: Trump & Lucado continued. Importance of religion in America. Jesus. God desires personal relationships with each individual. What makes someone a Christian? Confession's role. Repentance. Intention. Christ's forgiveness is there for all who ask. Religion. 

3rd Segment: Hillary kicks Bernies butt in South Carolina Primary. Choosing between a Socialist and a (alleged) criminal. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy still getting votes. Hillary's delegate lead. If I was a Democrat, I wouldn't vote. Venezuela bread shortage. Clinton v Trump? Does Soda Pop Bloomberg jump in? Democrats are a disaster. 

4th Segment: Venezuela is what you get with Socialism. Scarcity. Shortages. No prosperity. High inflation - 181%. Free college? US Economy does not exceed 3% growth for 10th straight year. Socialism fails. 

5th Segment: Ben Carson's decision to stay in race. Sexsomnia - undoubtedly funded by the Clinton Family Foundation. Don't lose hope.