#119 - So Christians & Conservatives Are to Blame?

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1st Segment: Democrat candidates come out of hiding & take the stage the New Hampshire Town Hall. Obama lectures Christians. Paul Ryan at Heritage Foundation Policy Summit. Ryan's Heritage Score & Conservative Review Score. The DC bubble. My experience in DC while attending American University. Ryan lectures Conservatives. "You guys didn't have our back" comment to me from a Congressman. Conservatives are always told "next time." No putting the anger of the average Conservative voter back in the bottle. Weak leadership. Ryan tells us not to take "Obama's bait." We're supposed to let Obama do whatever he wants just so our leadership can get their ducks in a row? Unconstitutional. Anti-Constitutional. Distractions? A loser's mentality. We act as though the Democrats have unbeatable candidates. No sympathy here: quit whining, lead & get the job done. 

2nd Segment: Paul Ryan speech: what kind of leadership is this? When exactly do we begin to fight back? Conservatism is on the rise: Tea Party, Conservative blogosphere, Conservative talk, etc. The ideas you have are not nearly as important as what you do with them. The Democrats & the Left never sleep; they always move their agenda forward. Democrat Town Hall: I didn't watch. Working on other things with this program. Potential new outlets for this show. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. 

3rd Segment: Democrat Town Hall soundbites. How are you going to defend yourself against vast right wing attacks? Phony Hillary & her laugh. Anderson Cooper tries to maintain objectivity when Hillary asks him to agree with her. Hillary is a woman & a grandmother - soon to be a grandmother x 2. Hillary defends taking money from Goldman Sachs. What's a Hillary speech worth? Getting paid to deliver a speech (assuming the buyer isn't paying for political favors & influence) is nowhere near the top reason Hillary is unqualified to be President. A Hillary comment with which I can agree. Dead broke. Hillary wasn't sure if she was running for President? Are we really supposed to believe that? Hillary believes the Presidency is her right.

Final Segment: Republicans have to be different than McConnell, Boehner & Ryan. No reason to count down Obama's reign if we're going to have more Republicans like this. Obama speaks at Baltimore mosque. Obama addresses his "fellow Christians" when addressing religious freedom. Offensive. What about the perpetrators of terrorism, claiming to do this in the name of Islam? Christians on 9/11. What happens when one faith attacks another? What happens if one faith doesn't respect freedom of religion? Islamic extremists are brutal - and they are not concerned with religious freedom. In fact, they want to force the world to believe in their religion or face dire consequences. Boston bombers. San Bernardino shooting. Who targets people because of religion? The radical jihadists are the ones who think Christianity is the problem. Objectivity teaches us otherwise. Anxiety increases when a President minimizes threats of terrorism or refuses to believe it's being committed in name of Islam. Rand, Huckabee, Santorum all withdraw from nomination process.