The last 12 months have been a wild ride. A very wild ride. 

They've been a wild ride for America, politically. And they've been a wild ride for me, personally. 

But let's talk politics. 

Almost exactly one year ago, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

According to the so-called "experts," this wasn't supposed to happen. In fact, many laughed at the idea that Trump would win the election. Chris Cillizza and The Washington Post said his chances of winning were "approaching zero." And The Huffington Post tweeted - on Election Day - that Trump's chances of winning were an abysmal 1.6%

Some believe the Democrat Party and the media were overconfident and even cocky about a Hillary victory. (We can all remember the condescending remarks and comments levied against Trump supporters leading up to the election.)

Yet others believe they knew the truth all along - that the race was close - but they were trying to demoralize people from coming out to vote for Trump.

Truth is, I can see it both ways. We should always assume the media is trying to advance the liberal, big government agenda. And we also should know the media and leaders of the Democrat Party, live in very liberal bubbles filled with arrogance and condescension for the common American. 

But whatever the case, the bottom line remains the same: Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States.

Problem is, the Left wasn't ready to deal with this. Not by a long shot.

In the days following Trump's victory, the Left completely melted down. 

The University of Michigan offered Play-Doh and coloring books to students struggling with Trump's victory. 

Cornell University">hosted a cry-in so students could mourn after the election.

The University of Kansas brought service dogs to campus while Tufts University offered arts & crafts

The perceived need for safe spaces erupted on college campuses after Trump's victory. And several universities postponed exams so students could process the election and heal. 

And, of course, we all have anecdotal examples, too. A friend of mine has a cousin in college. She reports her roommate didn't attend class for several days, instead spending most of the time crying in her dorm room.

On and on it goes.

But eventually, the Left realized that no amount of tears or Play-Doh would stop Trump from being sworn-in as President of the United States. So they had to shift their tactics - quickly. 

And so they did. 

The Far Left, crazy as their ideas may be, are a very strategic group. They are good at the art of politics. They are good at controlling the narrative, with or without the help of the media (though their help is certainly useful). And they are good at stopping Republicans from implementing their agenda. 

Of course, the Republicans are often very good at stopping themselves from implementing their agenda, too.

If you've listened to my show, you may have heard me say, "The Republican Party is the only group of people I know who throws in the towel before they even step into the ring." In other words, they're not strong enough. They are great at defeating themselves because they are quite often controlled by fear. They fear the Democrats. They fear the media. And they fear being disliked by Americans who can be manipulated by the Democrats and the media. 

In other words, there are 2 primary reasons GOP campaign promises usually don't become legislation.

  1. The GOP isn't conservative enough.
  2. The GOP isn't strong enough.

This, of course, isn't meant to be a blanket indictment of every GOP Senator and Member of Congress. That said, it certainly applies to the vast majority of them. The good ones, in my estimation, are the exceptions and not the rule. 

But Donald Trump is different. While some may question the degree of his conservatism, no one can question his strength. 

And this terrifies the Left.

Typically, when the Left is out of power, all they need to do to slow the GOP agenda is to accuse Republicans of being sexist. Or racist. Or bigoted. Or anti-this. Anti-that.

And despite the veracity of these accusations, many Republicans are intimidated by this. 

But not Donald Trump. 

He isn't going to be intimidated. He doesn't care what names you call him. He never lets fear determine his steps. 

It didn't deter him from instituting a travel ban from dangerous countries. Pushing the repeal of Obamacare. Leading on tax reform. Reducing the size of the federal workforce. Cutting bureaucracy. Nominating Neil Gorsuch. Approving the Keystone Pipeline. 

In all of these examples, he was called names.

He was called anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant for the travel ban, even though only one of the ten largest Muslim countries is on the list. 

He was accused of trying to kill the poor with the repeal of Obamacare. 

He was accused of favoring the rich because of his support of tax reform. 

Cutting the federal workforce means he doesn't care for the people who work there - or their families. 

Neil Gorsuch was dangerous to America. 

Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord means Trump wants to destroy the planet. 

You get the point. 

And, more importantly, so did the Left. 

So what would the Left do when their normal, tried-and-true tactics used to stop the GOP agenda didn't work with Trump? 

They up the ante. 

They increase the vitriol. 

They enrage their base. 

No longer will name-calling suffice. Now, they have to paint the president to be a tool of a foreign enemy. 

Enter the Russian Collusion narrative. 

I don't want to go into this ridiculous narrative, which has still yielded nothing after nearly a year of investigations, in this piece, but I devoted one of my Todd Talks to it recently. 

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