#120 - A Socialist Revolution?

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1st Segment: Chris Matthews has apparently changed his tune about their being a difference between Socialists & Democrats. Bernie Sanders does his best impersonation of Castro: he wants a political revolution. Bernie's litmus test for Supreme Court nominees. Citizens United case. Corporations in general & my corporation. At what point is a corporation not comprised of a person/people. Hillary is telling people to vote with both their hearts & their heads. She appeals to neither. Race to give away freebies to voters. Federal debt hits $19,000,000,000,000. Power of US economy & military. What does Socialism look like in a world without a free, capitalistic United States? Hillary is a liar - according to Bernie Sanders fans. She's cold, distant, impersonal, unlikeable, staged. You can only vote for Hillary if you hold your nose & press the button. Hillary is a woman & a grandmother, in case she didn't mention that. Consequences of educating young people to hate America & blame it for everything. 

2nd Segment: Super Bowl weekend: Broncos v Panthers. Peyton Manning & HGH allegations. Cam Newton & race. Carly Fiorina & Republican debate tomorrow. New Hampshire primary Tuesday. Trump leads in polls. Jeb. South Carolina. Nevada. Super Tuesday. Brawl for GOP nomination. Coin tosses on Left. 

3rd Segment: Citizens United, money & corruption in politics. Money is amoral. How money is used determines it's moral value. It isn't bad & corrupt by it's very nature. If it is, then how do we commit ourselves to earning it every day? Corrupt politicians are the problem. People determine morality. First Amendment. Free speech. Freedom of Religion. Fundamental American principles that are recognized as a gift from God. Corruption comes from within. Benjamin Franklin & our Republic. The problem is that we are not engaged in the political process, holding our elected representatives accountable. Rod Blagojevich. Anthony Weiner sexting on Twitter. Argument akin to saying we can't have debates because politicians lie. Money doesn't guarantee victory. Consider Jeb. And the Kansas City Royals. We should not limit political speech. The uglier this election gets, the more it illustrates that we're winning. Those in control are not relinquishing their power without a bitter fight. 

Final Segment: Corruption politics. "From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." Our mouth reveals our heart; and our heart reveals our character & true beliefs. Some politicians can hide this very well, but it will eventually be made known. Bernie & Hillary are full of rage & resentment, always blaming free markets & America. Maybe, just maybe, Hillary comes across poorly because she is corrupt and cannot pull off what Bill could. Corruption comes from the heart, but the Left refuses to accept this. In fact, they often deny truth & embrace or even promote immorality. Planned Parenthood. Benghazi. Incompetence is different than deliberate corruption. Political reputations above the lives of Americans. Want change? Then let's determine how to make better, more moral people. Who said keeping a Republic was easy? An engaged electorate is the best prevention against corruption.