We are blessed to live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. 

And that blessing is not guaranteed by our DNA. It's the result of the ideas embraced by our Founders - which serve as the bedrock of the government they established. 

This government recognizes that our rights come from God. 

That individuals are citizens, not subjects.

And that we - all of us - are created by God to live freely, in accordance with our own conscience. 

The principles of individual liberty were radical at the time of America's founding. 

They were so radical, in fact, that the colonists had to fight to secure these liberties in 1776. 

Today, while these ideas have been firmly established as foundational truths, they are still under assault. These principles are hated by a host of actors - both foreign and domestic. 

And as long as liberty has enemies - and it always will this side of Heaven - our military must defend it.  

This is why we honor our veterans on this special day. 

Liberty is hypothetical unless someone is prepared to defend it. 

And veterans stood up to answer this call. 

That's an incredible act of selflessness. And I'm very grateful that so many are willing to serve and protect America.

Thank you, veterans. Thank you for defending this great nation and standing in the gap between liberty and those who seek to destroy it. 

But sometimes our words aren’t enough.

So we wanted to give you an opportunity to use your words this Veterans Day.

That’s why we have invited veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard to come on the program this week and share their stories. 

This weeklong series is called "Sound Off: Giving a Voice to Our Veterans." 

And it’s presented by Tracks 4 Vets - which is working on some really amazing things for our veterans. To learn more about how you can help give our veterans the ability to drive on, serve on and work on, visit Tracks4Vets.com

Thank you, Veterans! We are grateful for your service.

Conservative, not bitter.

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