#121 - Overeducated Idiots?

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1st Segment: We're back on iTunes. You may have to unsubscribe & resubscribe if it's not feeding you with new episodes on iTunes. New changes coming to our show soon - and we'll keep you updated. Conservative online streaming station. My gratitude. Busy day today. Super Bowl 50. Congratulations to Peyton Manning & Denver Broncos. Defensive battle. Officiating. Cam Newton. Dropped passes. Great ending for Peyton. Republican debate over the weekend: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Carson, Kasich & Christie. New Hampshire Primary tomorrow. Polls have Bernie Sanders up about 13 points in NH. Republican polls in NH: Trump - 31%; Rubio - 15%; Kasich - 12%; Cruz - 12%; and Bush - 10%. National polls. Rubio robotic? Chris Christie fiercely criticized Marco Rubio at beginning of the debate. Chris Christie's attacks were also planned - not just Rubio's response. I don't believe this exchange was as bad for Rubio as many believe. Debate audience in attendance. All candidates are flawed. Kasich as Democrat? 42% of Democrat Party favors Socialism. 

2nd Segment: ABC & Martha Raddatz did an awful job "moderating" debate. Should stick with softball questions for Democrats. North Korea missile launch. Bill Clinton's nuclear deal with North Korea. Ted Cruz asked to give specific response to North Korea. Where is this line of questioning for Barack Obama? Martha Raddatz was out for blood. Debate questions predictably pitted candidates against one another. Same old story. Candidates disagree over Obama: incompetent or intentionally trying to remake America. Rubio says Obama is accomplishing exactly what he sought out to accomplish. Obama's problem is ideological - not that he's a first-term Senator elected to President. He's the Anti-Constitutional President. The lessons of Obama are that (a) we shouldn't elect someone based solely upon their identity/race/gender and (b) ideology matters - and we shouldn't elect a Socialist. Ironically, this is what the Democrats are doing again in 2016. 

3rd Segment: My assessment of Republican candidates at debate. Solid "F" for Martha Raddatz & ABC. The Democrats are superficial & always focus on identity politics. 42% of Democrats support Socialism. GOP offers a variety of ideas ranging from "we can manage it better" to "we need to limit the Federal Government." Hillary cannot win the female vote. Madeline Albright: Special place in Hell for women who don't help other women. The Left resorts to this every single time. No ideas for the Left - and when they do have ideas, they are atrocious ideas. Stonehenge: the utopia of women's rights? This is silly & sad - and it demonstrates a lack of substance. 

4th Segment: Democrats support Socialism. Chris Matthews should let this sink in. Democrats don't hide Socialistic beliefs any longer. Contrary to popular belief, the Nazi Party was Socialist. What does it mean that 2 out of 5 Democrats embrace Socialism? Trying to rebrand it as "Democratic Socialism." When I was a kid, people resisted being branded a Socialist. People flee countries rooted in Socialism to come to the United States. Ideological war for heart & soul of America. 

Final Segment: Climate change influencing the military operations? My Dad's phrase is on display here: "Overeducated Idiots." Connect with me via email (Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com) or via Twitter (@CommonSenseGear).