#122 - Big Government is the Problem

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1st Segment: Hillary Clinton campaign in complete free-fall. Statistical dead-heat nationally with Bernie Sanders. Incredible anger exists nationwide. Anger is because of unhinged Liberalism / Socialism. But the Left desires more Socialism as the solution. The Tea Party is angry at the right thing: Big Government. Government has a necessary role, but it's limited. Any time government swells beyond that, it leads to discontent among people because it's violating the way we were naturally created to live. Many questions candidates are asked have literally zero importance if we're governed properly (in a limited way). People are mad as a result of Big Government. But the Left thinks we need more government. Ronald Reagan quote on government & the economy. Milton Friedman & Phil Donahue. We're looking at the fruit of Liberalism on the vine - and it's shriveled & dead. Beyonce's protest performance at Super Bowl. This election is a referendum on Barack Obama & his Liberal policies, but unfortunately there is a group that thinks his insane policies need taken further. 

2nd Segment: New Hampshire Primary today: 23 delegates at stake. Trump leads nationally & in New Hampshire. Democrats in the "Live Free or Die" state are going to support Bernie Sanders in primary. Record turnout predicted in New Hampshire. The Bernie Sanders follower. Adults accept responsibility; others support Bernie. God created us to be responsible & self-sufficient individuals. Socialism ignores natural law and how God created us to live. 

3rd Segment: Hillary Clinton's implosion. Second time this has happened since 2008. First it was the slick-talking Barack Obama; now it's the radical, unhinged Socialist Bernie Sanders. Can Bernie win nomination? Hillary is objectively unelectable. MSNBC now recognizes Hillary is under FBI investigation. MSNBC behind Bernie now? The world is coming apart for several reasons - but one of those big reasons is unhinged Socialism. And many Americans are clamoring for more. Dangerous, awful decision to choose Socialism. Bernie is loud & proud about Socialism. How can government fix the problem when it usually creates the problem?

4th Segment: Republican debate over the weekend. Martha Raddatz. Ted Cruz response about Jihadist University. Why is it still standing? Reminds me of the ISIS targets we gave to French after Paris terror attack. Why did we have identified targets that weren't taken out before we gave the list to the French? Maybe Democrats wanted to keep the building standing so that they could give a commencement address there. Which Democrats are vying for a guest speaker role? Water boarding & terrorism. Freshman orientation. We've underestimated ISIS, the so-called JV team, since the beginning. Twitter suspends ISIS accounts. Marco Rubio canned & scripted? How is he any more scripted than anyone else on stage? They all repeat themselves - including Chris Christie. Rubio is much less scripted than many candidates in GOP. This issue is nowhere near the top of the list of importance. Rubio's response to man who accused him of wanting to "put him back in the closet.

5th Segment: If Donald Trump wins. Possible Donald Trump comments. More hard data after tonight's results are reported. Our iTunes feed is working, but you may need to unsubscribe & resubscribe to refresh it so that it works properly. More on NH Primary tomorrow.