#123 - After All of That, Hillary is Ahead?

Looking for a better healthcare solution? Lose coverage because of Obamacare? Consider this. 

Looking for a better healthcare solution? Lose coverage because of Obamacare? Consider this. 

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1st Segment: Hillary Clinton gets annihilated in New Hampshire Primary by Bernie Sanders. Shorter episode today. Came to an agreement with Red State Talk Radio yesterday. Launch show there on February 22. Best time for AM/FM radio is daytime. Best time for online streaming radio is evening/night. My segment will be midnight-1am. Episodes will be 55 minutes starting 2/22. You may have noticed that I've been making episodes closer to 55 minutes recently - just to test my ability to create the content required for the new format. Turns out, I talk enough to fill that rather easily. Likely getting new sponsors when the transition takes place. Red State Talk Radio wants me to launch 1 week sooner than I was planning. Leap year & earth revolving around sun. My 2 other businesses: Huff Promotional Strategies & Encapsulate. Time restraints that we all have. Pink eye. Behind-the-scenes show stuff. 

2nd Segment: Grateful to you, our audience. Today is our 6-month anniversary. Launched August 10. Show Notes page is now in a drop-down menu under Talk Show link at top of the page. Hillary loses by 20+ points. Donald Trump pulls away from GOP field in New Hampshire. Winners & losers. Trump. Kasich. Cruz. Bush. Rubio. Delegate summary to-date. Currently, Trump leads overall with 17 delegates; Cruz has 10; Rubio has 7; Kasich has 4; Bush has 3. Need 1,237 to win. So we still have a long way to go. But this could change rapidly with South Carolina, Nevada & Super Tuesday approaching quickly. What happens to Ben Carson? Carly Fiorina? Chris Christie?

3rd Segment:  Reviewing delegates. Nominating a presidential candiate. Super delegates. The process differs between the 2 parties. The score for winning the nomination is kept according delegates awarded. Hillary: 394. Bernie: 42. Razor thin Iowa Caucus. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley's impact. Coin tosses. Bernie blows her out in New Hampshire. Yet Hillary leads almost 10-to-1. Hillary has won 16.5% of the delegates needed to win nomination already. What's Bernie Sanders' voters going to think of this when they roll out of the rack about 10:30am? Today's Daily Dose was about this issue of Super Delegates. Tell your friends Hillary's up & see what they say. 

Final Segment: Did you doubt me? We're ending a little early. Lots to do to prepare for Red State Talk Radio. Shorter episodes may be possible until we launch with them on February 22. Virginia school shows student a "white privilege" video. Fantastic. You need to watch this video. Racism is ugly & inexcusable - but not everyone is a racist. Assuming I'm a racist is offensive.