It's Super Tuesday

1st Segment: Can you like us on Facebook? Late night ... Seinfeld. Bernie Sanders supporters. Super Tuesday. Different starting points. What it was like when I started following politics in early 1990s. Texas delegates. Trump & Hillary. Hillary halfway to nomination? Today's Daily Dose. Hillary's massive lead. Bernie supporter in SC melts down. My Savior is Jesus, not Bernie. Failure is a teacher. 

2nd Segment: Saving the Republic vs saving the people. Ideas & policies matter in this election. Replacing Antonin Scalia. Free Speech. 2nd Amendment. Fundamental values. The People and the States - and their rights. 

3rd Segment: Trump looks to be leading in every Super Tuesday state except Texas. How big of a day for Trump & Hillary? More competition in GOP primary. Tightening Democrat race. Electoral College. Constitutional Republic v Democracy. US Senator elections. Jihadi Joe

4th Segment: Founders had good reasons for the system they created. Roles of House & Senate. State legislatures used to elect US Senators. Founders were brilliant & not haphazard. Slavery. America is a place for any people to now prosper. States elect Presidents. What better alternative to America is there? Communism killed 100 million of their own people in 20th Century. States are not under the thumb of the Federal Government. 

5th Segment: Using new software to produce show. Special thanks to Cowboy Dan