Get Ready for Mayhem

1st Segment: It's now clear why Cleveland Police need riot gear for GOP Convention. Trump Rally in Chicago. Violent protestors are responsible for violent protests. Does this only apply to Republicans? What about Democrat rhetoric? Barack Obama: "If they bring a knife to a fight, you bring a gun." Bernie Sanders inflammatory speech against the wealthy. What if Tea Party did this? Ted Cruz's response. 

2nd Segment: Working on a new logo for the program. Also building a prayer team, led by a dear friend of mine named Lorie. Interested in joining prayer team? If so, email me and put "Prayer Team" in subject line or just put a short note in the body of the email. Whether you are on prayer team or not, your prayers are much appreciated. 

3rd Segment: This may very well just be the beginning of the protests. Bill Bennett article. Possible precursor to GOP Convention in Cleveland? The Left is not going to stand idly by as we reverse major Liberal/Progressive victories of years past. This could get ugly. We have to be prepared to fight (politically) and not be intimidated by their actions - which may possibly include more violence. 

4th Segment: Ted Cruz's comments about violent protest in Chicago. Is Trump's rhetoric partially to blame? I don't think so, even if it should be dialed back in some instances. Was Cruz wrong in raising questions?

5th Segment: Big day tomorrow with Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri & Illinois. Interested in joining prayer team? If so, email me