Stand Firm, Senate GOP

1st Segment: Echo joins me in studio today. NCAA tournament (really) begins today. Rules for play-in games remind me of Republican Convention rules. John Boehner wants Paul Ryan as nominee? Fight for control of Republican Party will look like child's play compared to fight for control of America. Democracy Spring, protests & George Soros. Will Michelle Obama ever seek Presidency? Obama was constrained as President? Supreme Court. 

2nd Segment: Fox News cancels GOP debate. Fox has been awful at debatesJohn Kasich needs to drop out of the Presidential Race. He is currently running 4th out of 3 candidates. Kasich is perfect Establishment candidate & is their last great hope in 2016. Cruz is ready and willing to debate anyone. 

3rd Segment: Barack Obama doesn't need to lecture us on Constitution & role of Senate. Advise & consent. Senate's advice: don't send us a nominee because we won't consent. GOP should stand firm against Obama nominee. Let the voters choose the President who will fill opening on Supreme Court. A personal story. 

Final Segment: Republicans don't need to go through the motions & waste time with a nominee. Stand firm! See you tomorrow!