Lessons from Shukla

1st Segment: Butler advances in NCAA Tournament. IU has a big win. Indiana vs Kentucky. Mr. Shukla: How many teams are in the NCAA Tournament. Simple brilliance of what he taught us. Why can't many Americans apply this simple brilliance to their comparative analysis of socialism & free market capitalism. Bernie Sanders vs Joe Arpaio. Myth of Democratic Socialism. Socialism of all types is a ideology of failure. 

2nd Segment: Socialism is equality alright; the equality of misery. Abundance vs rationing. Republicans should be engaged in winning the ideological battle of free market capitalism and socialism. Hillary & Bernie are the biggest disaster & threat, not Trump or Cruz. GOP primary voters engaged in intense fight over Trump & Cruz. Echo interrupts show. Deep breath. Kasich drop out. Let Trump or Cruz fight it out. 

3rd Segment: It's Friday. It's been politically intense. We're going to change topics. San Antonio Spurs & Kawhi Leonard. Very impressed by this young man, who's only 24. Frugality of Kawhi Leonard. Maybe he has a career in politics? Kawhi for President? 

Final Segment: Politically stressful week. Enjoy March Madness. Interested in learning more about our prayer team?: Just email me todd@toddhuffradio.com & put "Prayer Team" in subject line to learn more. Just joined Instagram