The Myth of Democratic Socialism

1st Segment: Blowout in Democrat Party. Current delegate count. I talk about this on today's Daily Dose. Superdelegates & Hillary's domination with them. Approaching Saddam Hussein numbers. Insurmountable lead? Delegate allocation. Bernie almost shuts Hillary out in Vermont. This is an absolutely crazy election. FBI. GOP delegate count. What happens next? 

2nd Segment: Pressure to drop out. Lots of GOP candidates get pressure, but what about Bernie? (Ben Carson announced the end of his campaign since after our show was recorded.) Problem is on the Left. 

3rd Segment: Facebook Face-Off last night. Bernie Sanders & Socialism vs American & Constitutional Conservatism. Communism is at the end of the path of Socialism. Role of government & free markets. Problems with Socialism. Market forces work. Utilities price increase. 

4th Segment: Socialism vs "Democratic" (ahem) Socialism. Fascism is not a Far Right ideology. The Nazi Party had "Socialism" in their name. Big Government vs Limited Government is the right way of looking at this. Socialism & our Constitution. Am I at a Bernie Sanders rally? Socialism through ballot box? Communist Manifesto or Constitution? 

5th Segment: Tie up the Democrat Socialist discussion. The Left cites federal programs that are broke and don't work.