A Lot Going On

1st Segment: NCAA Tournament. UNI v Texas A&M game: classic. Illustrates important lesson: it's not over until it's over. Cruz supporters should keep this in mind. Kasich is down 185 points with 0:06 left. My Butler Bulldogs lose. Donning Jackasses tee today. Obama is in Cuba. Waiting for Left to try to explain Democratic Dictatorship. Long for days when he was only picking NCAA brackets. Some GOP Senators want to meet with Obama Supreme Court nominee. Bernie is done, but wants to go to convention to earn Superdelegate support. Bernie should resign & donate his campaign funds to US Treasury. 

2nd Segment: Tomorrow the states of Arizona & Utah will hold elections. Cruz leads in Utah. Trump leads in Arizona. If Cruz can get 50% of Utah vote, he gets all delegates. Anti-Trump protestors stop traffic. Protesting vs criminal acts. Can Trump win general? 

3rd Segment: Iran says we're hostile, which is truly delusional. Review of their acts of provocation. It's not provocative to be on the ready to defend our allies, our interests or ourselves against their insanity. Moral equivalency between nations is folly. Good vs Evil. 

Final Segment: Interested in joining prayer team? If so, email todd@toddhuffradio.com. Please don't feel any obligation, but if you're interested, we'd love to have you join us. Here is our current prayer list