March 22, 2016

1st Segment: Arizona primary & Utah caucus today. Nearly 100 delegates up-for-grabs. Brussels terror attack. Since we record early in the morning & this story is developing, it's irresponsible for us to comment too much on it. Follow us on Spreaker. Will help us get on iHeart Radio. If you follow us on Spreaker, send me a note letting me know that & I'll send you a free t-shirt. Iran wants to build a statue of US sailors taken hostage recently. Donald Trump. 

2nd Segment: Trump likely to win Arizona, but Cruz may be able to sneak out a victory. Cruz leads Utah big - and if he exceeds 50% of the vote, he'll get all the state's delegates. Can Cruz win both states & get all 98 delegates? Kasich just needs to drop out. Only path for Kasich is a messy brokered convention. GOP delegate statements. Not yet over. Trump's AIPAC speech. The GOP doesn't have a possible criminal & self-avowed Socialist running for President. Is the possible criminal now a probable criminal? 

3rd Segment: FBI Director James Comey is more certain Hillary has committed criminal acts. Political stonewalling. Mechanical Hillary campaign. Hillary ain't no ways tired. Clinton's parsing words. Depends on definition of "is." Hillary: what difference does it make? Establishment blames Cruz for creating Trump - and both for destroying GOP. Delusional. The Establishment created this environment because they are completely unwilling to fight. Patently ridiculous. 

Final Segment: The GOP Establishment is delusional. Bizarre to blame Cruz for problems with GOP & for Donald Trump's rise. Follow us on Spreaker & send me a note letting me know ( and I'll send you a completely free t-shirt.