March 25, 2016

1st Segment: Happy Good Friday. Follow us on Spreaker, let me know & get a free t-shirt. My family celebrates the Seder meal tonight. Last Supper. Awkward moment between Obama & Castro. Obama says world needs to unite against terrorism, but it just needs good leadership. Current status of 2016 election. Sanders & Kasich can't win. But radicals want Bernie to stay in race. Hillary & Trump likely to win nomination. Cruz can win, but it's difficult. Paul Ryan for President? Jockeying for convention delegates. We need to avoid brokered convention.

2nd Segment: GOP Establishment cannot agree on a candidate. Lindsey Graham thinks Kasich would be best.  Establishment has no idea what they're doing, but always ask us to "trust them" for what's coming. But tomorrow never comes. And they always let us down today and in the past. GOP Establishment prefers losing election than control of Party. Conservatives must win fight against Establishment and crazy Democrats. Winning will be very ugly. 

3rd Segment: Jesus. Easter story. It's Friday...but Sunday's coming. Beautiful story of truth that has transformed lives for thousands of years. And it transforms lives today. 

Final Segment: Didn't get to discuss many important issues. Terrorism in Europe. US relations with Belgium. ISIS plots. Democracy Spring. Follow us on Spreaker - and if you let me know, I'll send you a free t-shirt while supplies last. Happy Easter.