Moving Towards the Nomination - Or Prison

1st Segment: J-Dot returns later today with a 3-in-3. Current delegate count for Republicans & Democrats. GOP Debate tonight. Carson drops out. Upcoming state primaries & caucuses. March 15 is a big day. Cruz's comments about winning home state puts focus on Marco in Florida. Mitt Romney attacks Donald Trump. 

2nd Segment: A few words about Ben Carson. An explanation on what I meant about Carson not being a "skilled politician." Needed to be better at connecting & winning support of voters. Wasn't suggesting he become a "dirty politician." We have more than enough of those. 

3rd Segment: J-Dot lays down today's 3-in-3. A discussion about a great point Jerry made about Hillary & the FBI. Here are the 3 words for J-Dot's sick beat, in tribute to Eminem. 

  1. The Nutty Professor
  2. Hillary
  3. Superdelegates
  4. BONUS: Blowout

4th Segment: Reviewing political landscape. Trump's healthcare plan. A plan that relies on the free market will, by definition, be short. Debate tonight: Trump, Cruz, Rubio & Kasich. We need this to get down to 3 candidates - at least. Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana & Puerto Rico up next. Mitt Romney "logic." 

5th Segment: We'll discuss tonight's GOP debate on tomorrow's show. And we'll review the latest developments in the Hillary national security & email scandal