March 30, 2016

1st Segment: New logo. See it on Facebook. Conservative, not bitter. Righteous anger vs bitterness. Anti-Hillary ad. GOP nomination. GOP Town Hall. Saw some of town hall (part of John Kasich), but missed the rest because I was engaged in Facebook Faceoff. Fight within GOP. Possible trouble ahead. Contested convention? 3rd Party candidate?

2nd Segment: Conservatives should be encouraged by good signs, but know we are in for a fight with both the GOP Establishment & Liberals. Stay the course. We are on side of truth, history & ideas. Cruz v Trump fight is ugly. Let's fight it out, but let's not get bitter and over-the-top. I will support any GOP candidate over the Democrat. Moral victory for Bernie in NY at 40%? Socialists can't do math. Avoiding contested/brokered convention. Southern border crossing. Hijacked plane. College students focus on bathrooms. 

3rd Segment: Social media vs talk radio. Verbal expression is my preferred method of communication. No script needed if you believe what you say. Defending free market capitalism against socialism. Regardless of GOP candidate, we will need to continue this fight. Government, by it's very nature, grows - and it's the fundamental reason for the Constitution. Winning the Presidency is only the beginning; the real fight to undo liberalism is yet to come. 

Final Segment: Ran long last segment. Need a producer! Like us on Spreaker, let me know you did so & I'll send you a free t-shirt while supplies last. Have a great day!