Winning the Nomination

1st segment: Upward Basketball season ends. Tragic end to season. Faithful, strong father & family. Keeping score. Rules. Teaching kids about winning & losing. Review of this weekend's results & the current state of the nomination process for the GOP & Democrats. Cruz did well. Trump did well. Rubio did awful on Saturday, but wins Puerto Rico on Sunday. Kasich is still hanging in the race somehow. Anchor app. 

2nd segment: Who has the easier path to their Party's nomination: Hillary or Trump? Hillary is almost halfway to delegates needed; Trump is about 1/3 of the way to delegates needed. Hillary only needs 40% of remaining Democrat delegates; Trump needs 57%. Hillary has only 1 competitor; Trump has 3 competitors. Both are up in most of the upcoming state races (according to polls), but a few recent polls were wrong for Trump (Maine, Kansas, Kentucky). An Anchor response to my question. 

3rd segment: Hillary supporters are intelligent? Then they should have no trouble listing accomplishments that qualify her for president. And they should be able to tell us what made her a great Secretary of State with no problem. Problem is, no one can do this. Immunity for Clinton staffer

4th segment: Peyton Manning to officially announce retirement from NFL. My thoughts on this and his contribution to the game. Peyton for President? 

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