Panic Mode

1st Segment: Pacers game last night. GOP Primaries/Caucuses today in Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan & Mississippi. Democrat Primaries in Michigan & Mississippi. Bernie Sanders nearly impossible path to Democrat nomination. Democrat process is boring & predictable. Today's process and how delegates will be assigned. Up-to-date analysis of where we stand. 

2nd Segment: Welcome to our new listeners on Red State Talk Radio & The Internet's Conservative Radio Network. Syndicating show to reach more people. Ways to listen to the show. Listen to archives or learn more about the show by visiting our website. David Brooks article. Civil War for control of GOP. America has been losing around the world. China. Russia. Iran. Syria. North Korea's threatened preemptive strike. Putin's dirty fingerprints & murderAmerican weakness is provocative

3rd Segment: More on David Brooks. Essentially, he argues Trump is a madman & Cruz is an extremist. He concludes we need to rally behind Rubio and get this to a brokered convention - no doubt where the elites in the GOP will save us from ourselves. 

4th Segment: The Left & political elites are in meltdown mode over the possibility that Trump or even Cruz may be our next President. Diplomats are panicking. City of Cleveland is buying riot gear for Republican National Convention. Panic everywhere. 

5th Segment: Inoculate yourself against the savage effects Liberalism. Daily Dose. Tomorrow we'll discuss today's election results & no doubt a bunch of other Leftist drivel.