April 11, 2016

1st Segment: Kasich now appears to be running 5th out of only 3 candidates. Reached our goal for Spreaker followers. Thank you! Today is the last day to get a free t-shirt if you follow us on Spreaker. Must follow us on Spreaker & let me know by 11:59 pm tonight & I'll send you a free tee. Now eligible to apply for iHeart Radio. Warriors to break Bulls record for wins in a season? Speaking of overcoming obstacles, we discuss Bernie's prospects at winning nomination. Patrick Leahy, kingmaker. Superdelegates to switch? Hillary to have race locked up by April 26?

2nd Segment: I was interviewed last night on Cowboy Logic Radio. Colorado GOP convention awards all 34 delegates to Ted Cruz. GOP candidates have ideas; Democrats pander. Tweet from Colorado GOP about #NeverTrump. Unauthorized tweet? The real political enemy is the Democrat Party - not Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. 

3rd Segment: Don't let Tax Day sneak up. Paul Ryan for President? What's up with this ad? GOP needs to find a way to nominate either Cruz or Trump. Who's been making this about something other than ideas? Identity politics & the superficiality of the Left. Where is Ryan in opposing Obama's horrible ideas? GOP must win first & foremost. Republicans have a monopoly on ideas. Cruz has been leading fight in the Senate. Where's Ryan in House? 

Final Segment: I made a mistake in the first segment: Leahy isn't switching his endorsement from Hillary to Bernie. He said he would support Bernie if he was leader in pledged delegates. Last day to follow us on Spreaker and get a free t-shirt. That offer ends at 11:59 pm tonight.