April 12, 2016

1st Segment: More content & topics to discuss than is possible in 1 hour. Colorado GOP delegate process: no primary. Conflating the process & the Ted Cruz campaign. John Kasich thinks he is best suited to beat Hillary, although he can't seem to beat anyone else. Personally, I'd hate if my state's process was like Colorado's. What did Cruz do wrong? The process is wrong regardless of winner. Spinning the narrative after Colorado. 

2nd Segment: It's good to see an interest in the political process. Not many years ago, no one would have noticed. Progress made because of alternative media. Americans have been asleep at the wheel. New listeners in audience, so we take a moment to introduce folks to our show. Sign-up for newsletter. I'm a conservative Christian, but we welcome (and have) listeners from all perspectives & worldviews. Participate in the community. Free t-shirt giveaway ended. 

3rd Segment: Two interviews scheduled Friday. These will be made available by subscribing to our newsletter. Interviews with representative of Heritage Action for America and StopHillaryPAC.org. Update to GSA story. I think I suffer from HFS. Maybe we should start a petition. Try understanding these family trees. They need help, not excuses. Banning Christians from saying homosexuality is a sin

4th Segment: Disagreements aren't meant to be a personal attack on this show. The ability to disagree & still get along has been lost in America. We are all in need of God's forgiveness. Free tee giveaway is over, but follow us on Spreaker so you can listen if and when we decide to go live