April 13, 2016

1st Segment: Paul Ryan tells us he doesn't want to be president. Remember process to become Speaker of the House? Being for a candidate vs against a candidate. Denis Waitley on winning & losing. Playing to win & playing not to lose are 2 different things psychologically. Battle for ideas. German soliders joining ISIS. Future Islamic Republic of Germany. Terrorists are engaged in jihad (or holy war). 

2nd Segment: Winning the political argument for the heart, mind & soul of Americans. The Democrats play a different game & use different tactics. Identity politics. "I'm with Her." Slogans. Hillary's tax hike. Federal Government financials for 1st half of FY 2016. Dumb & Dumber. Debt-free tuition? 

3rd Segment: I suffer from HFS (Hillary Fatigue Syndrome). Do you suffer? Rough start to my day. No more Hillary talk today due to HFS. Democrat Primary is academic unless or until he can get 65% of the vote in each of the remaining states. Socialism ignores math & think their good intentions are enough. College students freak out again. 

Final Segment: I don't call authorities when I see a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. Subscribe to our email newsletter for free access to exclusive interviews. Two interviews scheduled for Friday.