April 14, 2016

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1st Segment: Congratulations to Golden State Warriors. Greatness is worth watching & emulating. Clueless on Snapchat. What do you like most about my show? I'm looking for ideas to include in my radio station demo. Russian acts of aggression. World on fire - and Emperor Obama fiddles. 

2nd Segment: Elites of both parties are circling the wagons. Bernie is closing the gap in polls, but he cannot win in delegates barring a Clinton indictment. Superdelegate Kingmakers on Left; Party rules on Right. Circle of Trust. Source of anger is sometimes the same between far Left & Conservatives - but solutions differ. Let's win the argument. The political parties are trying to create a practical oligarchy. 

3rd Segment: Technical updates: sent a Snap before last segment & am now recording in stereo. Tell me your thoughts about what to include in my demo for radio stations. The elites have agreed on building a wall...around their inner circle of Party elites. Nominating a presidential candidate. Heating up in my state of Indiana. New York Primary Tuesday. This is far from over. 

Final Segment: Conservative, not bitter. Reports that Corey Lewandowski won't be charged. Bizarre story. Apology to suffice?