April 15, 2016

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1st Segment: Today is a holy day for the Left. Democrat debate. J-Dot returns for a 3-in-3 first. Venezuelan Socialism continues to crumble. Is Paul Ryan being deceitful? The Russians came very close to our Naval Destroyer. Kerry says Russian jet could have been shot down. American weakness is provocative. Moral equivalency around the world. 

2nd Segment: What if Russian fighter jet had a pro-RFRA flag on it? Who's anti-science? World is a mess. Weak American leadership is partly to blame. Venezuela, Socialism, corruption & turmoil. Socialism & Communism (kissing cousins) always need a scapegoat. Capitalism v Socialism. Minimum wage. 

3rd Segment: Tax Day. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Share with me your ideas on what to include in our radio station demo (todd@toddhuffradio.com). 3-in-3 first. Listener participation for 3-in-3. We seek to educate, entertain & energize Conservatives. Hold firm to hope & stay engaged in this political battle. America's greatness. 

Final Segment: Couldn't discuss much of the issues today. New York Primary next week. Karl Rove & Donald Trump.