April 18, 2016

1st Segment: Happy Tax Day. NBA Playoffs. New York Primary tomorrow. How many delegates will Trump get? Hillary should win Democrat race. Bernie supporters: tell me why you support Bernie on Anchor! The good, the bad & the ugly about Bernie (and Socialism). Hillary's corruption. Anger & problems on all sides. Solution to fixing the government requires us to look to something outside government. Interview with Senator Ted Harvey of StopHillaryPAC.org

2nd Segment: Hang with me Bernie supporter! Interview with Ted Harvey. If you want to access other free interviews in the future, sign-up for our free email newsletter. Hillary to be indicted? If indicted, does she get Democrat nomination? Listeners: What do you like about our show? (We're building our demo to share with possible syndicates about would love to get your feedback.) 

3rd Segment: Come on Bernie listeners: tell me why you support Bernie! Socialist or misguided voter? I'm finalizing my show demo & I'd love your feedback on what to include: Todd@ToddHuffRadio.com, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley & other nicknames. Russia continues provocative acts. Picture of jet buzzing USS Cole. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Vladimir Putin. World out of control because of Obama. 

Final Segment: Bernie fans: hit me on Anchor with the reasons you support him. Listeners: tell me what you like about the show & I'll try to include it in my demo.