April 19, 2016

1st Segment: Happy birthday song to start morning. Yard sign creativity. Bernie Sanders supporters: tell me why you support The Nutty Professor. Allergy season. Hillary interview. HFS flare up. Obamacare coverage. Think or feel? Politicians can't save us, but implementing constitutional conservatism can save America. Public service announcement for Hillary. Dismantling the bureaucratic apparatus. Free, moral people help others. 

2nd Segment: The kids gave Echo birthday presents. Going to Donald Trump event tomorrow. Not an endorsement! I'm happy to go to Cruz event or even Sanders event if I can get a ticket. Petite Patriot. Would I go to a Hillary Clinton event? Mechanical Hillary Clinton. Jackass shirt at Democrat rally? New York Primary & current state of nomination. Hopeless for Bernie. Superdelegate Kingmakers. April 26 primary vote could make Hillary win all but official. 

3rd Segment: Ben & Jerry (of ice cream fame) have been arrested. Democracy Spring protests in Washington DC. The 1% is apparently protesting itself. Millionaire ice cream companies in socialist countries? New York Primary discussion continued. Cruz is within 200 delegates of Trump, but the gap should increase today. Kasich no longer 4th out of 3 candidates after New York? Bound versus unbound delegates. Cruz Campaign doing well at winning over unbound delegates. This election has engaged the American people - and that is good. 

Final Segment: Technical problem on yesterday's show. Producer needed in the future! Tell me why you support Bernie. And fans of this show: be sure to tell me what you like about our show so I can include it in the demo!