April 20, 2016

1st Segment: Big night for Trump & Hillary in New York Primary. Kasich still in 4th out of 3 candidates. Trump rally in Indy today. Snapchat filter. Heidi Cruz event tomorrow. No endorsements on this show. GOP primary breakdown. Can anyone get to 1,237? Strategy. 

2nd Segment: Today's cup of water. The three potential outcomes of the GOP Primary. (1) Trump reaches 1,237 delegates before the Convention. He needs 58% of the remaining delegates to do that. (2) Trump does not reach threshold & either he or Cruz wins on subsequent delegate votes. (3) Trump doesn't get to 1,237 & the delegates select another candidate, such as Kasich, Rubio, Ryan, Romney, Bush, etc. 

3rd Segment: Indiana is an open primary state, meaning that Democrats can vote in GOP Primary (or vice versa). Will they crossover & vote here? Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos in 2008. Bernie's odds of winning are infinitesimal. Good to see other analysts finally echoing this reality. Discussion of Democrat Primary. Hillary will be nominee. 

Final Segment: Quick summary. Review of 3 possible GOP outcomes. Hillary will be Democrat nominee.