April 21, 2016

1st Segment: Forgot to recognize 4/20 day yesterday. What do you like about our show? We'd love to know as we build our demo. Bernie supporters: tell me why you "Feel the Bern." Donald Trump rally in Indy yesterday. Protestor near me (video from my phone). Heidi Cruz event today. 

Very effective protest, huh? You could only hear these folks if they were very close to you - like this guy!

2nd Segment: We refrain from talking local politics because we have listeners throughout the US and around the world. But Indiana Primary is relevant now, and what is happening here could be replicated in your state. Kasich says he has secured majority of Indiana delegates on 2nd ballot. Review of 3 possible outcomes of GOP nomination process. What happens if it's an open or contested convention? Is a vote for Cruz a vote for Kasich in Indiana? I sure hope this isn't true. 

3rd Segment: A review of what could happen with Indiana's delegates if Kasich story is correct. Donald Trump is only candidate who could (but who may very well not) get the required 1,237 delegates to win nomination prior to convention. What happens if Cruz wins Indiana. Are Indiana delegates supporting Kasich regardless of the will of Hoosier voters? Delegates should find a way to nominate Cruz or Trump (Trump or Cruz). Pay close attention to the delegate battle in your particular state. 

Final Segment: If this still doesn't make sense, please let me know & I'll try to explain better. Be aware of how your state delegates may vote.