April 22, 2016

1st Segment: Earth day. The environmental whacko group is home of the Big Government & Communist crowd. Trump rally Wednesday; Heidi Cruz event yesterday. Indiana delegates, John Kasich & the will of Hoosier voters. Gaining delegates. Indiana delegates are saying they don't care about Indiana voters. 

2nd Segment: Bernie Sanders supporters: tell me why you like him. Listeners: share what you like about our show so we can create a high quality demo to share with radio stations. Is Hillary moonlighting here? Hillary coming close to wrapping up Democrat nomination next week? The Indiana delegate problem. Indiana delegates making a vote for Cruz a vote for Kasich? Republicans attacking own candidates. Public service announcement for Hillary. 

3rd Segment: Understand your state delegates, how they work and how they plan to vote (if you can find that out). General update of the show. Deep gratitude to listeners. Next step: get on the radio. New logo & positioning statement. New apparel coming soon: tees, hats or polos. Conservative, not bitter. We have much to be optimistic about. Jogging with my jackasses t-shirt. New blog posting soon. 

Final Segment: Want to hear from my Bernie listeners! Have a great weekend!