April 25, 2016

1st Segment: Obama manspreading with Prime Minister David Cameron. Cruz & Kasich campaigns uniting to stop Trump. What does this mean for my State of Indiana? What does this practically mean? Will Hoosier delegates who pledged support to Kasich remain true to this pledge? Can Donald Trump reach 1,237 delegates prior to convention or will we have drama in Cleveland? Latest move is the last card Cruz & Kasich can play, and it plays into common themes of Trump campaign. 

2nd Segment: New Todd Huff Radio tees available soon. Much milder than running at park in Jackasses tee. Transgender bathroom nonsense. Trump's response on The Today Show. Now says this should be determined by states. More on Cruz & Kasich decision. Playing prevent defense to stop Trump. Both Kasich & Cruz think they can secure nomination at contested convention. 

3rd Segment: NBA Playoffs. Stephen Curry injury. Rockets reaction to game-winner. Warriors dominate. Spurs dominate. My Pacers even it up with the Raptors. Bernie Sanders still thinks he can win. No path to nomination. Hillary will likely be very close to securing nomination after tomorrow's Democrat primaries. 

Final Segment: Big primary day tomorrow in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware & Maryland.