April 26, 2016

1st Segment: My new t-shirts should be coming soon. You will be able to preorder soon. Deep breath. GOP Primary races intensifies. Cruz & Kasich unite. Then John Kasich tells Hoosiers to vote for him anyway. Real political enemy is the Democrat Party. Win or lose, the battle is just beginning. 

2nd Segment: Ran into a liberal atheist on Twitter yesterday. Atheism vs Agnosticism. Christianity's difference. Conservative, not bitter means we can have disagreement without making it personal. But Bernie supporters are going to have a tough time supporting Hillary because she's the antithesis of much of what Bernie stands for, including money & corruption in politics. Socialists, stick around because we sometimes recognize the same problems. I want you to hear our solutions - unfiltered by the Left. 

Final Segment: Hillary & Trump appear to be headed toward big days today. Hillary should be incredibly close to winning nomination after today. Path for Cruz, Kasich & anyone not named Trump is getting very narrow. Can Trump reach 1,237 delegates before July - or will we go to a contested convention. Trump & Cruz have nearly 2/3 of all GOP votes cast so far in primaries - and delegates must find a way to select one of these two. We'll talk about primary results of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut & Maryland tomorrow.