April 28, 2016

1st Segment: New guest blog by Cathy Huff, former Heritage Foundation team member & my sister-in-law. Interested in blogging?: submit your work for review. Chance of Hillary Fatigue Syndrome (HFS) high in my state until May 3. Ted Cruz announces Carly Fiorina as VP pick. Trump won big on Tuesday. Cruz campaign in major trouble. Indiana critical in process. Bernie lays off hundreds of staff: why not work for free? Socialism never takes blame. 

2nd Segment: Submit your blog posts for me to review & consider posting on my site: todd@toddhuffradio.com. More on Cruz's announcement of Fiorina as VP candidate. Recently announced alliance of sorts with Kasich, too. Must win Indiana. Cruz campaign is in desperation mode. 

3rd Segment: Excited about new t-shirts & polos. You can get new gear from Todd Huff Radio soon - and that would help to promote the show. Venezuela's mess. Blames capitalism & weather (presumably global warming/climate change). Real problem is socialism. And many Americans want to usher in this bankrupt ideology. 

Final Segment: Wonder what Lil' B thinks of Sanders campaign laying off workers. Haven't heard from him in awhile...